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Websites are an important aspect of most digital strategies. Whilst the corner convenience store may require no more than manage local directory listings, many businesses need a website to showcase their product and/or services, provide pre-purchase information, make online sales, or perhaps provide support for their products and/or services. Alternate Instinct can help you scope, build, manage and market your website for less cost than you might imagine. More...

Still not sure if you need a website? Check our 'Do I need a website' page for useful considerations.

Once you have a website it is critical that it be found by search engines and customers alike. The starting point for this should be website optimisation. By optimising your website you are taking steps to ensure that a result for your business is found by search engines such as Google, and displayed to your potential customers.

A fully optimised website will also save you money when it comes to online marketing. Whilst sponsored search results can be bought, natural, organic results work better and cost nothing! More...

Search engine marketing is the art of purchasing keywords and placement on search engine result pages. Whilst effective Search engine optimisation (SEO) should see your website appearing in organic search engine results for relevant queries, there are instances where you may need to purchase sponsored search results. This may be to ensure that you business is considered when potential clients search for your competitors by name, or it may be that you work in an industry where there is a lot of competition.

Alternatively you may need the instant attention that products like Google's AdWords can offer. We're trained to ensure that you get the very best value from your search engine marketing and can even provide you with a Google AdWords credit to get you started. your social media marketing partner