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The nature and potential of directory services are changing. Consumers once had a limited number of choices when they needed to find and buy products and services. But technology and new business models are radically altering the face of local advertising.

Today’s consumers can access content and products through a dazzling array of devices, mobile services, and online sources. Communication service providers are seeing a steady decline in revenues from traditional print books and voice directory services. At the same time, revenues from interactive, multichannel advertising, content, and products continue to grow.

Local Business Listing Marketing and Local Search Engine Optimisation can increase sales and visits. Get professional help at a low one time fee for ALL your local business listings!

Consider the following:

  • Have you secured your local directory listings by claiming them?
  • Are you supporting your local listings with marketing information e.g. coupons, events, photos, videos?
  • Are you monitoring and managing your local listing customer reviews, comments, complaints
  • Are you monitoring for duplicate listings?
  • Are you reviewing your local listing analytics to help make considered, ongoing marketing decisions?
  • If you answered "No" to any of these questions, let us help you manage your local business listings

Local listing management is an effective, affordable and accountable service with multiple benefits and is an essential aspect of your business'online presence. Our pricing options are designed to provide maximum flexibility and return.



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