Mobile Websites

If your business does not have a mobile website, you are losing clients.

Mobile Internet is quickly passing PC Internet in popularity. By end of 2013 more people were using the Internet from their iPods, iPhones, Android phones and tablet devices than desktop Internet.

You may not be reaching over half of your online customers because your current website is not compatible with those mobile devices.

Wһу yουr Business MUST hаνе a Mobile-Friendly WebsiteAlternate Instinct Mobile Marketing-

  • 1 in 3 searches on mobile devices are local. After searching for a business 61% call business and 59% visit the business
  • Potential and existing customers must be reached both easily and affordability
  • Mobile devices are very popular and your business does not have a mobile friendly site
  • Viewing a traditional website that has not been “mobilised” on a mobile phone is almost impossible - limited space and you have to scroll all over the place
  • Most “non-mobilised” websites do not load at all on mobile devices.
  • Smart phones are used while out and about to search local business i.e. Portable and Accessible: c.f. a desktop or laptop, mobile can be taken anywhere and most cell phones are within reach at all times
  • Localisation: Mobile Websites have to be smaller than traditional websites therefore content needs to be targeted to visitors needs, typically, phone number, directions and services.
  • Mobile websites саח drastically increase tһе number οf potential customers wһο аrе exposed tο уουr business without spending extra money οח advertising.

Want to see how your current site looks when viewed on mobile devices? Check out Google's GoMoMeter Then give us a call to let us create an affordable and accountable mobile solution.

A mobile website can open a new channel to your business, all for considerably less than a cup of coffee a day.

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