We have worked extensively with two different panel formats. Initially, we developed a  temporary panel using Armaboard and 3M Command Adhesive strips. This allowed us to adopt the style of the enamel panels installed earlier by Auckland City, without having to gain authority to attach something to (often protected) buildings or structures These panels had a lifespan of around two years.

As time passed, parties began to accept the benefit that clearly identifying heritage icons in a community brings. We then developed a more modern, long-life panel.  Consisting a powder-coated steel backing plate and a photo-sensitised aluminium foil layer, the panels are attached with either four narrow-gauge screws or gum. The panels have a projected lifespan of 25 years.

Both panel formats may include a QR Code, providing further information and an opportunity to contribute relevant content.  The temporary panels also featured NFC tags.






Below is a gallery of some of our long-life heritage panels installed around Auckland. Click to zoom any image.


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